The Fall tour consists of three acoustic members who rotate on various instruments .


Kole: Vocals, guitar

Ben Balmer: Vocals, harmonica, guitar, mandolin

Josh Flowers: Upright bass, banjo, vocals

Sound Requirements:

2-3 microphones with stands depending on availability: the band does travel with one

2 DI boxes for guitars

Band provides bass amp for upright bass

For all inquiries email

Booking A Night With Kole is easy as 1..2..3!

How it works:

A night with Kole is simple. Food, friends and a willingness to share in an experience. Pretty simple, right?

Cost: Kole is about to embark on a nation wide tour and it is easier than ever to book a quiet night in with friends. All that is asked is a suggested donation of from guests with the option to purchase the EP’s and Kole’s book “Someone Save Me, my story, my struggle”.

As traveling, self promoted, self funded artists, a meal and a place to sleep is always appreciated but not required. (okay, the meal is…we gotta eat too, ya dig?) We are fine sleeping on couches, floors, ottomans, banana chairs, bean bags, stuffed animals, tree limbs, fence posts….alright, now I am being ridiculous. You get the picture.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I dont know if you will get this nikole..but i remember being 13, and hearing you speak at my middle school. i met you, you signed my picture and i got a copy of your 2 song CD. your song “someone save me” has never left my head. i was in a dark place then, and while i was out of it for awhile, it has returned. im currently laying on my couch crying tears i didnt even know i had, wondering how hollow can hurt so badly. and all the sudden, those lyrics were back in my head…and i someone managed to find the song online. i have it on repeat right now…i dont know if you will ever read this…but knnow you reached someone. i keep trying to change the pic linked to my name..because i dont look like that now…im losing my life and iv given up the battle to anorexia..everyone says now im a hollow dead looking skeleton…what they dont knkoow, is i was hurting like this when i was 13 and all the other years..they just couldnt see the skeleton. ..

    • Thank you so much for reaching out, it makes me happy to know that you still have it. We find our selves back in darkness many times in our lives. Never give up and start to CHOSE a fulfilling life…it is ever too late. Sending my love to you


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