Interview with Pledge Music

by Kole

K: To kick things off, can I get a little introduction for our readers?

J: I’m Jayce Varden, and I’m a Co-Founder and COO of PledgeMusic. We are direct to fan platform specializing in fan engagement that results in creative project funding. We differentiate ourselves from pure crowd sourcing sites by investing our human capital and knowledge into project messaging, development of exclusives, price targeting, content dissemination, and overall project management.

K: Thank you for taking the time to answer a couple questions for musicians. We are all being bombarded by different crowd sourcing sites and are hoping, to hear from someone like you, what they biggest mistakes musicians are making in their campaigning efforts.

J: They ask for money or straight up donations. Show potential pledgers what you are going to include them in. A true direct to fan project isn’t just about selling, its about taking the fan on a journey and revealing the creative process as it unfolds.

J: They underestimate how rabid their fans are. Traditional direct to fan models concentrate on merch bundles. Fans love physical items (particularly signed), but they also love archival/vintage items, they love engaging with the artist. Don’t be afraid to offer higher price points for fans who may value the real premium interaction.

J: The don’t factor in production costs, shipping costs, taxes, and their time cost. Its amazing what a simple excel spreadsheet can tell you. Making use of our shipping regions can save you the $300 its going to cost you shipping that guitar to Singapore!

K: All great points, thank you Jayce! Anything else to add before we let you get back to helping musicians at PledgeMusic?

J: Educate yourself and remember that you are a business. Protect your brand by always doing good business. Treat your fans with love and respect, and show them that you are not just digging in their wallets : )