"Let's Fly" EP now available on Itunes and her book "Someone Save Me" is schedule to release in spring 2014. 

Kole epitomizes the current role of an artist in today’s independent music scene.  Born in Utah and raised by musicians afforded her the opportunity to perform and travel at a young age.  She attributes her appreciation of music, which spans from folk to hip hop, to her musical upbringing.  Kole’s sound has been described as a cross between Katie Tunstall and Bonnie Raitt, but her honest and soul truth lyrics have touched fans across the globe.

In the rare moments when Kole is not touring, she spends her time working as a consultant, booking agent, and social media strategist and has collaborated with  major labels such as Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records.  During this time, she worked on national releases for critically acclaimed artists such as Linkin Park and Shinedown.   But her true passion is teaching up and coming artists how to get out on the road and take control over their careers.

Kole has toured all across the US, Canada, the UK, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel and beyond at clubs, house concerts and anywhere music lovers are present. She is here to spread as her fan’s call “emotionally charged music dripping with passion.”  Calling herself a gypsy of sound, Kole is back in the setting which she truly loves and belongs, on the road with no end in sight.

In 2011, Kole self published an initial first draft of “Someone Save Me, my story, my struggle” a self-written biography outlining her battle for survival, available only to die-hard fans on her 50 city tour. Currently, the book is in full development with an early 2014 release.